Updates: Autoruns v9.41

Autoruns v9.41: This release fixes a bug with the hide-Microsoft images options when the signature verification option is enabled.


Updates: Process Monitor v2.03, Autoruns v9.36, Disk Usage v1.33, Process Explorer v11.31

Process Monitor v2.03: This update to Process Monitor, a real-time file, registry, process and network monitor, adds the ability to import and export configuration settings, shows an icon in the operations column depicting the event class of the operation, and fixes a symbol configuration bug on Windows XP. Autoruns v9.36: Autoruns changes the Hide Microsoft…

Updates: Autoruns v9.35, Process Monitor v2.01, DebugView v4.76, AccessChk v4.21

Autoruns v9.35: This Autoruns update adds additional autostart locations, including lsastart, s0initialization, savedumpstart, and servicecontrollerstart, and fixes serveral bugs. Process Monitor v2.01: This release fixes several bugs, including compatibility with Windows 2000, excessive exit delays, and adds the new networking events to the filter dialog’s operations list. DebugView v4.76: Debugview no longer truncates the last…

New Tool: Coreinfo v1.0; A new blog post from Mark – Where in the world is Mark Russinovich?

Coreinfo v1.0: This is a new command-line utility that shows you the mapping between logical processors and the physical processor, NUMA node, and socket on which they reside, as well as the cache’s assigned to each logical processor. Mark’s Blog: Where in the world is Mark Russinovich? – Check out Mark’s latest blog post to…

Updates: Autoruns v9.34

Autoruns v9.34: This update fixes a bug that caused Autoruns to exit immediately after finishing a scan when passed the accepteula command line argument.


New Tool: Desktops v1.0; Updates: Autoruns v9.33

Desktops v1.0: This new utility enables you to create up to four virtual desktops and to use a tray interface or hotkeys to preview what’s on each desktop and easily switch between them. Autoruns v9.33: This Autoruns update adds command-line options for automatically scanning and exporting scan results, as well as a number of bug…


Updates: Process Monitor v1.37, Handle v3.41, Process Explorer v11.21, DebugView 4.75 | Mark’s Events: Keynote speaker at Virtualization Congress

Process Monitor v1.37: Process Monitor, a system monitoring utility, now prevents you from inadvertently closing the filter dialog without saving edits and fixes a subtle race condition bug in the driver. Handle v3.41: Handle, a command-line tool for dumping information on open operating system handles, adds a new switch, -l, that dumps the sizes of…


Mark’s Webcasts: Windows Security Boundries

Windows Security Boundries: Mark’s session from TechEd US on what constitutes a security boundary is now available for on-demand viewing. Get the real story on Windows security-related features like Kernel Patch Protection (KPP), Kernel Mode Code Integrity, User sessions, UAC, Protected Mode IE, and more, to find out how they work, what they were designed…


Updates: Autoruns v9.32

Autoruns v9.32: This fixes a 32-bit parsing bug introduced in the v9.31 update.


Updates: Autoruns v9.3, AccessChk v4.2

Autoruns v9.3: This Autoruns update adds support for several additional shell extension points, including copy hook, property sheet, and drag and drop handlers, fixes a bug in the Vista gadget parsing code and better handles malformed paths. AccessChk v4.2: This update reports non-canonical security descriptors (ones that have access control entries in an unsupported order)…