Updates: AccessChk v 5.03, Autoruns & Autorunsc v 11.22, ProcMon v 3.0, PsList v 1.3

Accesschk v5.03: The -l switch, which has AccessChk show detailed security descriptor information, now reports the object owner as well as security descriptor flags. Autoruns v11.22: This release of Autoruns fixes a bug in the XML output structure, jump-to-folder functionality for scheduled task entries, and fixes a buffer overflow triggered by very long registry paths….

Updates: LiveKd v4.0, AccessChk v5.0, LogonSessions v1.2 and serveral PsTools and a new Mark’s Blog Post – The Case of the Printing Failure

Mark’s Blog: The Case of the Printing Failure – Mark’s most recent post in the Case of the Unexplained series describes the troubleshooting steps, which include use of Procdump and Process Monitor, an administrator went through when printing failed on one of the systems in their network. AccessChk v5.0: A command-line tool for viewing the effective…