Updates: ProcDump v1.7, AccessChk v4.24, Sigcheck v1.64, Desktops v1.01, LiveKd v3.13

  ProcDump v1.7: This update to ProcDump, a command-line utility that will generate memory dumps of processes based on various selectable criteria, now supports periodic timed dumps as well as dumps based on virtual memory thresholds. AccessChk v4.24: AccessChk, a utility that shows effective security permissions for files, registry keys, services, and more, now supports…


Updates: Autoruns v9.37, AccessChk v4.23

Autoruns v9.37: This update adds support for viewing the Local System account’s profile and adds a new option, Hide Microsoft and Windows Entries. AccessChk v4.23: Changes the behavior of object manager name parsing to make enumerating the objects in an object manager directory more straight forward.


Updates: ZoomIt v2.2, AccessChk v4.22

ZoomIt v2.2: This ZoomIt update makes it easier to see the drawing cursor when it’s small relative to the zoomed region by representing it as a cross hair, allows you to position the text cursor when you enter text mode, supports changing the text color for the break timer and while you’re placing the text…


Updates: Autoruns v9.35, Process Monitor v2.01, DebugView v4.76, AccessChk v4.21

Autoruns v9.35: This Autoruns update adds additional autostart locations, including lsastart, s0initialization, savedumpstart, and servicecontrollerstart, and fixes serveral bugs. Process Monitor v2.01: This release fixes several bugs, including compatibility with Windows 2000, excessive exit delays, and adds the new networking events to the filter dialog’s operations list. DebugView v4.76: Debugview no longer truncates the last…


Updates: Autoruns v9.3, AccessChk v4.2

Autoruns v9.3: This Autoruns update adds support for several additional shell extension points, including copy hook, property sheet, and drag and drop handlers, fixes a bug in the Vista gadget parsing code and better handles malformed paths. AccessChk v4.2: This update reports non-canonical security descriptors (ones that have access control entries in an unsupported order)…


Updates: Autoruns v9.2, Process Monitor v1.33, AccessChk v4.1

Autoruns v9.2: In order to better support assisted troubleshooting, Autoruns – an autostart analyzer – now exports and imports scan results to enable viewing results on other systems, adds support for enabling and deleting Winsock notification DLLs, and fixes a number of 64-bit Windows issues. Process Monitor v1.33: This update to Process Monitor, a real-time…