Process Monitor v3.50, Autoruns v13.82, Du v1.61, SDelete v2.01

Process Monitor v3.50 Process Monitor now includes a /runtime switch to control headless capture duration, correctly shows picoprocesses, displays details for file system APIs introduced in Windows 10, and includes numerous minor improvements and bug fixes. Autoruns v13.82 This Autoruns release shows Onenote addins and fixes several bugs. Du v1.61 This update to Disk Usage…


Bginfo v4.25

Bginfo v4.25 This release fixes a bug introduced in v4.20 that caused Bginfo to read ASCII text files incorrectly.

Sysmon v7.01

Sysmon v7.01 This release fixes a bug in v7.01 that could cause the sysmon config change event to be corrupt, as well as one that prevented registry keys from being reported with abbreviated root key names (e.g. HKLM).

Sysmon v7.0

Sysmon v7.0 Sysmon now logs file version information, and the option to dump the configuration schema adds the ability to dump an older schema or dump all historical schemas.