Updates: ZoomIt v4.2, Process Explorer v14.11, and ProcDump v3.04

ZoomIt v4.2: This update to ZoomIt, a screen magnification and annotation utility, now adjusts the drawing pen size when you enter drawing mode from live zoom to match the static zoom pen size. Process Explorer v14.11: Process Explorer v14.11 includes the ability to configure network and disk activity icons in the tray. ProcDump v3.04: This update…

Mark’s Tech·Ed North America Session Schedule Posted

Mark’s Tech·Ed North America Session Schedule Posted: Mark is delivering four sessions at Tech·Ed North America in Atlanta next month, including one on Windows Azure internals, a two-part advanced session on Windows memory management internals, and a closing session that’s a new delivery of his always popular Case of the Unexplained troubleshooting talk.

Updates: Process Monitor v2.95, TCPView v3.04, Autoruns v10.07, and a new blog post and webcast from Mark.

Process Monitor v2.95: This update to Process Monitor reports the write-through flag on file I/O, shows DLL version information on the process page of the event properties dialog, automatically launches the correct version of Process Monitor to match the bitness (32 or 64) of a logfile, and fixes several bugs. TCPView v3.04: Tcpview better handles…

Updates: Process Explorer v14.1, VMMap v3.03, ProcDump v3.03, and Zero Day is now Available!

Zero Day is Now Available! Mark’s first novel, a cyberthriller called Zero Day, is now available for order. If you like Sysinternals tools, Mark’s Case of the Unexplained blog posts, Michael Crichton and Tom Clancy, you’re sure to like Zero Day. Process Explorer v14.1: This update to Process Explorer introduces cycle-based CPU usage on Windows 7,…

Updates: VMMap v3.02, WinObj v2.22 and an Interview – Mark on Channel 9 Cloud Cover

Mark on Channel 9 Cloud Cover: Check out the most recent Cloud Cover episode, where Mark is the guest and he talks about the Windows Azure fabric controller, cyber terrorism and his novel, Zero Day. VMMap v3.02: This release fixes several bugs. WinObj v2.22: A number of bugs, including on affecting sorting, are fixed in…

Mark’s Blog Nominated for “Niney Award”

Mark’s Blog Nominated for “Niney Award”: The first annual Niney Awards nominations are out and Mark’s Blog is nominated in the Favorite Blog About Microsoft category. Vote early and vote often!

Updates: ProcDump v3.02, Contig v1.6, TCPView v3.03 and a New Mark’s Blog Post

ProcDump v3.02: This update to ProcDump, a command-line utility that can capture process dumps based on performance or behavioral triggers, adds more information to the minidump plus dump type, and ignores breakpoint exceptions unless overridden with the new -b switch. It also leverages the installed Debugging Tools for Windows debug DLL, enabling it to save…

Update Handle v3.45

Handle v3.45: This release fixes a bug that could in some cases cause a system crash.

Update: Handle v3.44

Handle v3.44: This updates the driver to the newest version used by Process Explorer.