New Mark’s Blog post: Happy Holidays with a Festive Bluescreen of Death

Mark’s Blog: Happy Holidays with a Festive Bluescreen of Death: Mark’s latest blog post shows you how to change the colors of the infamous “bluescreen of death”, complete with a screenshot and instructions on how to make one that’s colored for the holiday season.

Update ProcDump v3.01

ProcDump v3.01: This release fixes a bug that could cause ProcDump to crash when used with the miniplus dump option (-mp).

Updates: ProcDump v3.0, AccessChk v5.01 and a new Mark’s Blog Post

ProcDump v3.0: This update to ProcDump, a flexible command-line utility for capturing process dumps based on time, CPU, memory, or performance counter thresholds, adds a new dump type, Minidump Plus, that uses heuristics to create the equivalent of full dumps for very large processes, but with large data sections and caches omitted. This has been…

New Video: Mark Russinovich Interviewed on Channel 9

Mark Interviewed on Channel 9: Check out Mark’s recent Channel 9 interview where he talks about Windows Azure as a “cloud operating system”, the Fabric Controller’s role as the cloud OS’s kernel, the future of Platform as a Service (PaaS), and what’s happening with Sysinternals.

Update: Autoruns v10.06

Autoruns v10.06: This release fixes a bug that could affect delete and disable operations on entries stored as multisz registry values.

Updates: Process Explorer v14.01, Autoruns v10.05

Process Explorer v14.01: This update fixes a bug related to the DLL view and adds a tab to the new system information dialog, Summary, that displays all the performance graphs together. Autoruns v10.05: This Autoruns update adds ActiveSync autostart locations, fixes a bug in that prevented offline scanning from working in some cases, and fixes…

Update: Process Explorer v14

Process Explorer v14: This major update to Process Explorer adds a slew of enhancements and new functionality including network and disk monitoring, an improved multi-tab system information dialog, additional memory statistics, a new column that shows aggregate CPU usage for a tree of processes, improved DLL scanning performance and accuracy, command-lines in process tree tooltips,…

Mark’s presentations from the 2010 Professional Developer’s Conference and an interview with Mary-Jo Foley

Mysteries of Windows Memory Management, Part 1 Mysteries of Windows Memory Management, Part 2 If you want to know the difference between System Committed memory and Process Committed memory, wondered what all those memory numbers shown by Task Manager really mean, or want to gain insight into the memory-related impact of a process, then this talk…

Update: VMMap v3.01

VMMap v3.01: This release fixes a bug that caused tracing to fail on 32-bit Windows and a bug that prevented VMMap from running on 32-bit Windows XP.  

Update: VMMap v3.0

VMMap v3.0: This major update to VMMap, an advanced process memory-analysis utility, now shows locked virtual memory, records multiple memory snapshots, and has a timeline view that enables you to load older snapshots into the main view and compare any two snapshots from a given execution. In addition, you can now launch processes from VMMap…