Updates: Autoruns v9.53, ProcDump v1.3, Process Monitor v2.6 | New Mark’s Blog post: The Case of the Temporary Registry Profiles | Download Windows Internals 5 sample chapter

Mark’s Blog: The Case of the Temporary Registry Profiles: In the latest post in Mark’s “Case of the Unexplained” series, he documents a perplexing case affecting many Microsoft and Citrix customers that Microsoft Customer Support Services solved with the use of Process Monitor’s boot logging and stack trace features.


Windows Internals Sample Chapter: Processes, Threads and Jobs: Learn the difference between a process and a thread, how Windows schedules threads, and how Job objects encapsulate groups of processes in the full processes, threads and jobs chapter from Windows Internals, 5th Edition, now available for free download.


Autoruns v9.53: This update fixes a bug that could cause the file open and save dialogs to not work on 64-bit Windows.


ProcDump v1.3: This fixes a bug that could result in Procdump reporting negative CPU usage.


Process Monitor v2.6: Version 2.6 no longer requires the symbol engine to be configured on systems on which a trace is collected (only on the viewing system) and fixes a bug that could cause the desktop to stop updating when thread profiling is enabled on Windows 7.

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