New Tool: VMMap v1.0 | Mark speaking at Microsoft TechEd 2009

VMMap v1.0: VMMap is a new utility for analyzing process address spaces and working sets. Aimed primarily at developers, its detailed graphical and textual breakdown of exactly what types of memory contribute to a process’s memory footprint make it a powerful performance analysis and tuning tool.

Mark to Speak at TechEd 2009:Come see the 2009 version of Mark’s popular “Case of the Unexplained” session, where he demonstrates the use of Sysinternals tools with real-world troubleshooting examples. Mark’s Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 session expands on his Channel 9 interview to dive deep on system-level enhancements and improvements, and his Inside Windows Server 2008R2 Virtualization and VHD Enhancements session takes you on a tour of new features like Live Migration, Second Level Address Translation, and native VHD support.


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