Updates: ZoomIt v3.0, Process Explorer v11.32, Autoruns v9.38

ZoomIt v3.0: This major update to ZoomIt, the Sysinternals screen magnification and annotation utility, adds a LiveZoom mode on Windows Vista and higher, allows you to change the typing and break timer font, adds the ability to copy the magnified screen to the clipboard with Ctrl+C, and introduces a new configuration interface.

Process Explorer v11.32: This update fixes a bug in the process security page's name resolution and uses history graph tooltips that track the mouse.

Autoruns v9.38: This fixes a bug that prevented v9.37 from viewing the system account's profile on 32-bit Windows.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I use this tool all the time in presentations / teaching. If you haven’t looked at it do so now. rs http://blogs.technet.com/sysinternals/archive/2009/01/12/updates-zoomit-v3-0-process-explorer-v11-32-autoruns-v9-38.asp

  2. Anonymous says:

    Process Explorer v11.32 for Windows – Alternativer Taskmanager

  3. Anonymous says:

    Development Change Color of Status Bar of SSMS Query Editor Double-clicking a VS2005 Solution in Vista

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