Updates: VMMap v2.5, Disk2vhd v1.4; Sigcheck v1.63; Autoruns v9.57; PsExec v1.97; PsKill v1.13 and a new Mark’s Windows Internals Session video from PDC 2009

Mark’s Windows Internals Session at the Professional Developer’s Conference, Part 1 Mark’s Windows Internals Session at the Professional Developer’s Conference, Part 2: Mark dives deep to cover Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 kernel changes in his top-rated session from PDC 2009.  VMMap v2.5: This update to VMMap, a process memory analysis utility, now…

Updates: Disk2vhd v1.3, Sigcheck v1.61, Process Monitor v2.8, LiveKd v3.12 and a new Mark’s blog post

NewSID Retirement and the Machine SID Duplication Myth: Mark’s latest blog post debunks the myth that having duplicate machine SIDs causes problems, explaining why the Sysinternals NewSID tool has been retired.   Disk2vhd v1.3: This update to Disk2vhd makes more Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 VHDs bootable by updating their MBR and boot sectors…

Updates: Disk2vhd v1.21

Disk2vhd v1.21: The target volume size calculation is now based on the required size of the source volumes instead of the total size.

New Video: Windows 7 General Availability and Mark on Channel 9

Windows 7 General Availability and Mark on Channel 9:  Check out Mark’s latest Channel 9 interview on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 kernel changes, released today to coincide with Windows 7’s general availability. He talks about memory management, process reflection and more, and shows a couple of demos on a 256-processor system.

Updates: Disk2vhd v1.2

Disk2vhd v1.2: This version fixes the space requirement calculation for the volume to which the VHD will be written.

Updates: Disk2vhd v1.1, ZoomIt v4.1, Coreinfo v2.0, VMMap v2.4

Disk2vhd v1.1: Disk2vhd now supports command-line options for automation and fixes a bug that could result in an “invalid user buffer” error during a conversion. ZoomIt v4.1: ZoomIt is a screen magnification and annotation utility that’s useful for technical presentations. With this update, you can now easily switch between LiveZoom (supported on Vista and Windows…

Updates: Autoruns v9.56

Autoruns v9.56: This update enables Autoruns to view registry entries that have permissions only allowing the System account access and fixes a bug that caused some rundll32-hosted entries to not display correctly.

New Tool: Disk2vhd v1.0

Disk2vhd v1.0: We’re excited to announce a new Sysinternals tool, Disk2vhd, that simplifies the migration of physical systems into virtual machines (p2v). Just run Disk2vhd on the system you want to migrate and specify the volumes for which you want data included, and Disk2vhd creates a consistent point-in-time volume snapshot followed by an export of…

Updates: LiveKd v3.1, BgInfo v4.16, ProcDump v1.6, Autoruns v9.55 | New Marks Blog Post: Pushing the Limits of Windows: Handles | New video: Mark Talks About Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 at Intel Developer Forum

Mark’s Blog: Pushing the Limits of Windows: Handles: Mark’s latest post in his Pushing the Limits of Windows series goes inside the limits that affect handle usage. He explains the role of handles, describes how the system manages them, and shows you how to identify and debug handle leaks.   Mark Talks About Windows 7…

FileMon and Regmon Retired. NewSID End of Life

Filemon and Regmon Retired: As we forwarned, Filemon and Regmon have been retired from the site, since their functionality is subsumed by the much more powerful and scalable Process Monitor utility.   NewSID End of Life: NewSID will be retired from Sysinternals on November 2, 2009.