Updates: Autoruns v9.2, Process Monitor v1.33, AccessChk v4.1

Autoruns v9.2: In order to better support assisted troubleshooting, Autoruns - an autostart analyzer - now exports and imports scan results to enable viewing results on other systems, adds support for enabling and deleting Winsock notification DLLs, and fixes a number of 64-bit Windows issues.

Process Monitor v1.33: This update to Process Monitor, a real-time file, thread, DLL and performance monitoring utility, improves 32-bit stack walking on 64-bit Windows, fixes a driver bug that could cause crashes on 64-bit Windows, and preserves profiling information by default when saving log files.

AccessChk v4.1: AccessChk, a command-line utility for analyzing effective permissions on files, registry keys, process and more, now interprets Windows Vista process owner rights and can show permissions on active threads.

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    Sysinternals Site Discussion : Updates: Autoruns v9.2, Process Monitor v1.33, AccessChk v4.1

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