Updates: Autoruns v9.10, Sigcheck v1.50, Mark’s new blog post and webcast

Autoruns v9.10: Autorunsc, the command-line version of Autoruns, has a new option to print output in XML format and now displays the MD5, SHA1 and SHA256 hashes of autostart images to more precisely identify files, which is especially useful in computer forensic investigations.

Sigcheck v1.50: Sigcheck, a command-line file version display and signature checking utility, adds a new option for displaying file hashes

The Case of the Unexplained…Live!: Mark’s “The Case of…”  blog posts come alive in this  recorded webcast of his #1-rated TechEd/ITforum session. Learn how to troubleshoot the toughest Windows and application problems by watching Mark use Sysinternals and other advanced tools to solve real-world examples.

Inside Vista SP1 File Copy Improvements: Find out how Windows Vista SP1 improves copy file performance in Mark’s latest blog post where he describes the evolution of the file copy.

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