Updates: AutoRuns v9.01, PsExec v1.94, TcpView v2.52, Sigcheck v1.41, Mark’s New Blog

Mark’s Blog: The Case of the Missing AutoPlay: Check out Mark’s latest blog entry where he shows how he used Process Monitor to track down why AutoPlay wasn’t working in his ReadyBoost demonstrations.

Autoruns v9.01: Autoruns v9.01 fixes a bug in the way that it handles certain shell extension points and adds awareness of several additional shell extensions.

PsExec v1. 94: This update fixes a bug in the timeout option and it makes it possible to use more options when launching local processes, like processor affinity, without administrative rights.

Tcpview v2.52: Tcpview v2.52 fixes a bug that causes partial display of UDP endpoints on Windows XP. 

Sigcheck v1.41: This Sigcheck update correctly displays long comments in file version information.

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