Update: Process Monitor v1.11

Process Monitor v1.11: This update adds filtering performance improvements, more information for file create operations, and operation categories that allow you to easily set filters to see only writes or reads.

Update: ZoomIt v1.3

ZoomIt v1.3: This update to ZoomIt, a screen zooming and annotation tool for technical presentations, adds several break timer enhancements, including the ability to position the timer on the screen, make the break timer screen transparent, and play a sound when the timer expires.  

New Video: Mark on Channel 9

Channel 9: Mark Talks about Windows Security and Core Architecture: Check out Mark’s Channel 9 interview where he talks about how he got started with Windows internals, new security features in Windows Vista, User Account Control, and what he’s doing at Microsoft.


New Article: Vista Kernel Part 3

TechNet Magazine: Inside the Windows Vista Kernel: Part 3: Mark goes under the hood of Vista’s security, reliability and recovery enhancements in the third and final installment of his TechNet Magazine article series.


Update: Contig v1.54

The following Sysinternals utility has been updated: Contig v1.54: This version of Contig fixes a bug that prevented it from defragmenting volumes with cluster sizes larger than 4KB on Windows Vista or Longhorn Server.


Update: BgInfo v4.10

The following Sysinternals utility has been updated: BgInfo v4.10: BgInfo has been updated to correctly reports version of IE 7, remove extraneous network adapter info that appears under Vista, and improve text readability when overlaying on a background image.


New Article and Update: Process Monitor v1.1

Introduction to the PsTools: Wes Miller gives a high-level overview of the Sysinternals PsTools in the March column of his TechNet Magazine column.   The following Sysinternals utility has been updated: Process Monitor v1.1: We’re excited to announce this major Process Monitor update that introduces several new features and enhancements. These include: Boot time logging New command-line…


Minor Update: PsExec, Blog on PsInfo

The following Sysinternals utilities and files have been updated: PsExec v1.82 Update: This fixes a bug with the ‘-l’ parameter. Quick and Dirty Software Inventory with PsInfo and PowerShell: This blog shows how to gather an itemized list of the installed software on remote machines, process the data, then either display it to the screen or store it…


Minor Update: PsExec

The following Sysinternals utilities and files have been updated: PsExec v1.81 Update: This fixes a bug that v.1.80 introduced regarding the ‘-e’ parameter.