Updates: ZoomIt v1.7, Process Monitor v1.23, PsExec v1.86

ZoomIt v1.7: Coming fast on the heels of v1.6,  v1.7 of this small and powerful screen zooming and annotation tool adds better straight-line support with auto-snapping and the ability to draw arrows. Process Monitor v1.23: This update adds a new option, /WaitForIdle, to better support scripted execution. It also adds the /HookRegistry switch for forcing…


Updates: ProcessExplorer v11.01, ZoomIt v1.6

ProcessExplorer v11.01: Fixes a bug in file save and idle thread display. ZoomIt v1.60: Zoomit now makes it easier than ever to highlight screen elements in your presentations by enabling you to draw rectangles and circles.


ProcessExplorer v11.0, AccessCheck Update, PageDefrag Article

ProcessExplorer v11.0: We’re excited to announce the release of Process Explorer v11, which introduces major startup and UI performance improvements, new columns and process details for Vista I/O priorities, memory priorities, and Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) DLL and executable attributes, an enhanced security properties page that shows raw SID values, fully asynchronous thread symbol…


Updates: AutoRuns v8.73, DebugView v4.71, BgInfo v4.10

AutoRuns v8.73: This version fixes a bug that omitted nameless Browser Helper Objects from display. DebugView v4.71: This release fixes a bug in the driver for Windows 2000 and XP systems. BgInfo v4.10: Fixed a minor bug with the /accepteula flag.


ProcessMonitor v1.22, TcpView v2.51, DebugView v4.7, AutoRuns v8.72

Process Monitor v1.22: This update adds the ability to specify the level of information saved when you export to XML. Tcpview v2.51: This fixes a bug in the endpoint status bar statistics when you toggle between showing unconnected and connected ednpoints. DebugView v4.7: This update allows you to enable or disable verbose kernel debug output….


Tcpview v2.5, Process Monitor v1.21, PsExec v1.85, BgInfo Article, Blog on ProcessMonitor

Tcpview v2.5: This update to Tcpview adds support for Vista, including IPv6, and displays counts of active and connected endpoints in a status bar. Process Monitor v1.21: This release adds XML as a new export format, includes performance optimizations, and fixes a number of minor bugs. PsExec v1.85: PsExec v1.85 adds a new switch that…

ProcessMonitor v1.2, Updates: AutoRuns v8.71, Junction v1.05

ProcessMonitor v1.2: This release of Process Monitor, an advanced system and application monitoring utility, adds a number of major enhancements that include improved scalability and performance, a destructive filtering option, a revamped process tree dialog that adds process lifetime graphs,  position-sensitive context-menu filter entries, integration of the stack trace dialog with source code stores, faster…

New Tool: AdExplorer v1.0 and Various Updates

AdExplorer v1.0: We’re excited to announce the release of Sysinternals AD Explorer, a powerful Active Directory viewer and editor that includes advanced navigation and search features,  plus an AD snapshot facility that enables off-line AD viewing and differential comparison. AutoRuns v8.7: This Autoruns update adds a number of additional locations that can be configured to…

Updates: AccessChk v4.01 and ZoomIt v1.51

AccessChk v4.01: This update fixes a bug in object enumeration for 64-bit Windows XP systems. ZoomIt v1.51: Typing mode fixed for when you blank the screen to a black scratch pad.