New Tool: AdExplorer v1.0 and Various Updates

AdExplorer v1.0: We’re excited to announce the release of Sysinternals AD Explorer, a powerful Active Directory viewer and editor that includes advanced navigation and search features,  plus an AD snapshot facility that enables off-line AD viewing and differential comparison.

AutoRuns v8.7: This Autoruns update adds a number of additional locations that can be configured to auto-start software during boot and logon and runs as standard user on Windows Vista by default, allowing administrators to elevate, if desired, by using a new menu option.

PsExec v1.84: This PsExec update fixes timing bugs that can appear on some Vista-to-Vista connections.

PsInfo v1.75: PsInfo’s update fixes CSV output formatting for the disk information option.

ZoomIt v1.52: This update fixes a minor drawing bug.

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