Process Explorer Recognized by PC WORLD in Top 100 Products of 2007

Process Explorer Recognized by PC WORLD in Top 100 Products of 2007: We’re proud to announce that PC WORLD Magazine has ranked Process Explorer at #75 in its annual "Top 100 Products" issue!

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  1. DavidM says:

    Congratulations!! it’s a must have tool.

  2. Hacker Harry says:

    Process Explorer really is a rich tool.

    and now, that M$ has it’s hands on it, they

    should do the decent thing and make it


    hey… just my $0.02

  3. darthsidious says:

    I’ll 100% agree. I use PE as default and it’s the best. Great job!!!

  4. Dan_IT says:

    Only problems with PE I have:

    1) For some reason it takes up 40% CPU usage whenever it’s running, this started around v9 or so, not good for a task manager, especially when you’re trying to gauge the CPU usage of other tasks…

    2) It can’t replace Task Manager under Vista since it requires elevation, and Vista expects Task Manager to not require elevation.

  5. Hi Dan,

    You might try posting your concerns in the Process Explorer Sysinternals Forum (

    1) Try disabling the lower pane view and see if that helps.

    2) A bit more info (not much, and no workaround) at

  6. grebulon says:

    This is one of the most useful utilities ever.

  7. DePriest says:

    Number 75?  I’m surprised it isn’t in the Top 10.

    As for the CPU usage?  Yes, I get that, too.

    By default, Process Explorer seems to launch itself with Priority of High.  You can change it to Normal or whatever by using Process Explorer.

    There is also a command-line switch (/p) you can use to make it start at a different priority.

    It helps a little.  Also, keeping the lower pane disabled unless I need it helps some.

    I’ve often wondered if it is really using that much CPU or if it is just some by product of how it hooks in to the OS.

  8. Jose Luu says:

    Crashes under XP64 when getting the full DLL pathname.

    Thanks to investigate.

  9. Peter says:

    Very good tool, in development environment as well as a consumer. Top10, it is a must 😉

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