Event: Mark’s WinHec Keynote – Live

Mark's WinHec Keynote: Mark's WinHec keynote (Windows Server Platform Internals) is now available on-demand. This is an excellent session that covers many of the new technologies built into Windows Server 2008. In addition to a deep dive into these features there are pertinent demos.

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  1. Mike Diack says:

    Is it possible to make this available as something other than a streamed file – several times I’ve had to rerun the stream now to pick up something I didn’t take note of.

    Making it available as a saveable file eg .wmv format, would make life a lot easier and save bandwidth for people like me in the long term.


  2. Raven Boone says:

    I also second Mike’s comment. Today I was at a client’s site, a restricted one, and we could not get the video to play.

    It would have been great as I am preaching to a bunch of Oracle developers about the value of Windows 2003 Server platform.

    Thank you making it available even in the current format!


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