Updates: SigCheck v1.4, PsExec v1.83, DiskExt v1.1

SigCheck v1.4: This update to SigCheck, a command-line utility for verifying image signatures and print file version information, adds more version data with the new -a switch, adds the -m option for printing file manifests, and works on 64-bit Windows Vista.

PsExec v1.83: This release to PsExec, a utility for running programs on remote systems, corrects a buffer overflow bug caused by long command line arguments.

DiskExt v1.1: DiskExt, a tool that shows the mapping between volumes and physical disks, now reports the mappings for volume that have not been mounted by a file system.

Comments (2)

  1. H. Staeudel says:

    Link "SigCheck v1.4" links to PsExec v1.8

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