New Article, PodCast, and Updates: AutoRuns and ZoomIt

TechNet Magazine: Inside the Windows Vista Kernel: In this first part of a series on what's new in the Windows Vista kernel, Mark Russinovich looks at changes in the areas of processes and threads, and in I/O. Future installments will cover memory management, startup and shutdown, reliability and recovery, and security.

Mark’s TechNet Podcast Interview: You can listen to Mark talk about how he got into computers and what he’s working on at Microsoft in the November edition of TechNet Magazine’s Podcast (Mark’s interview starts about 11 minutes into the recording.)

The following Sysinternals utilities and files have been updated:

  1. AutoRuns v8.6 Update: Autoruns now shows service DLLs configured to run in Service Host processes, network providers, language bar addins, and Vista credential providers. It also uses the configured IE7 search engine for on-line searches and includes fixes for running on Vista.

  2. ZoomIt v1.21 Update: This update to ZoomIt improves zoom-in/out performance.

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  1. a64nomad says:

    The service Dll scan has long been requested.

    Great work. Autoruns is getting

    more and more extensive every version.

  2. Hi,

    There is a small error… Try to right click on any line in AutoRun and make "Search online…". And Google will say that:

    Not Found

    The requested URL /SEARCH?HL=RU&Q=tbmon.exe&BTNG=%D0%9F%D0%BE%D0%B8%D1%81%D0%BA+%D0%B2+GOOGLE&LR= was not found on this server.

    BTW Thank’s to replace MSN with Google again 🙂

  3. pete says:

    Hmm, so Autoruns is now dependant on Microsoft Internet Explorer 7?

    How is that ok?  I was happy with the original autoruns uses a search engine select from the menu, now I have to configure IE7?

    What else is going to become Microsoft-ized?

    Having to change a setting in Windows Media Player to run Process Explorer?

  4. Norman Diamond says:

    > Hmm, so Autoruns is now dependant on

    > Microsoft Internet Explorer 7?

    > How is that ok?

    Especially considering that IE7 Japanese version is so bug-ridden that I had to just uninstall it and return to IE6.  Each time IE7 crashed it closed around 4 windows, the active one and around 3 others.  Half of the times IE7 crashed it didn’t even offer to send dumps to Microsoft.  No matter what experience anyone might have with Microsoft fixing or not fixing bugs that resulted in dumps, surely no one can expect a fix from bugs that Microsoft doesn’t even inform itself about.

  5. Mauro Cicognini says:

    What if I don’t have IE7 installed?

    BTW, I don’t plan on ever installing it, either, not if I can help it.

  6. yayayayaya says:

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