Updates: DebugView and ZoomIt

The following Sysinternals utilities and files have been updated:

  1. DebugView v4.64: Fixes a bug for 64-bit Windows Vista systems and the default colors are easier to read for highlight filters. 
  2. ZoomIt v1.2: Zoomit, a screen magnification and annotation tool designed for technical presentations, now supports on-the-fly pen resizing and color changes, as well as progressive zoom-in and zoom-out to make the area of the screen on which zoom operation is focusing more obvious.

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  1. OttoHelweg2 says:

    The Sysinternals Suite was updated at the same time. I just verified that it indeed has the updated utilities. Is it possible that you’re getting a cached copy somewhere? Please contact syssite@microsoft.com if you continue to have issues downloading the Suite.

  2. Charles (Herb) Kuta says:

    Are you going to re-issue the Sysinternals Suite updated with these two new versions?

  3. pete says:

    I find the new version of ZoomIt (1.2) sometimes doesn’t zoom on the mouse scroll-wheel. The last version works ok though.

    Has anyone else found this to be a problem?

    I’m using Microsoft IntelliPoint mouse drivers.

  4. Charles (Herb) Kuta says:

    I didn’t try to download it as the date published listed on the page (http://www.microsoft.com/technet/sysinternals/utilities/sysinternalssuite.mspx) hadn’t changed from says Dec 12, 2006.

  5. tom says:

    It’s working well for me with IntelliPoint drivers. I also just tried Logitech’s SetPoint 3.01 without any issues.

    I wish I knew about this utility sooner. I don’t give a lot of presentations but I give many impromptu demos and howtos at my desk. This is a very useful tool!

  6. Mats says:

    I have problems with v1.2 (IntelliMouse Explorer 4.0 USB)

    Zooming is stopping after zooming in after 4-5 clicks and can’t go back in zooming out again.

    It is lagging and hacking it is sloooow when trying to zoom in.

    I went back to v1.15 that is working much, much better.

  7. Wray Smallwood says:

    The chm file that comes with DbgView has no content and all links are broken. I suspect they must point to the old sysinternals site.

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