Updates: AutoRuns v9.0, PsExec v1.93, New Video, New Site Front-End

Autoruns v9.0: This major update to Autoruns shows an entry’s raw launch string in its image details area, lists Explorer and IE COM classes names and icons, is aware of several more autostart locations, including additional shell extensions, Windows Vista scheduled tasks and Windows Vista Sidebar gadgets, and has better support for alternate online search…


Updates: ZoomIt v1.72, PsExec v1.92, DebugView v4.74, AdExplorer

ZoomIt v1.72: This Zoomit update enables you to center the mouse with the space bar when in drawing mode, adds an option to view time elapsed after the break timer expires, and reverses the keys used to draw lines and arrows. PsExec v1.92: PsExec’s new release fixes a bug in the -i option that prevented…


Update: AdInsight v1.01

AdInsight v1.01: Fixes crashes that occur when reading saved traces (.WIT files).

Updates: DebugView v4.73, PsExec v1.91, and AdInsight Help File

Psexec v1.91: allows standard users to use -l switch again DebugView v4.73: fixes race condition that could hang system on first run AD Insight v1.0 (no version change): Removed a help file reference to remoteability, which is not supported.

New Tool: AD Insight v1.0 and Various Updates

ADInsight v1.0: Introducing ADInsight, an LDAP (Light-weight Directory Access Protocol) real-time monitoring tool aimed at troubleshooting Active Directory client applications. Use it’s detailed tracing of Active Directory client-server communications to solve Windows authentication, Exchange, DNS, and other problems. PsExec v1.90: This version of PsExec, a command-line tool for executing programs locally and remotely, significantly improves…


Update: Process Explorer v11.03

Process Explorer v11.03: This update to Process Explorer, an advanced process information utility, has a number of miscellaneous improvements. For example, the thread support in the process properties dialog is enhanced with Wow64 thread stacks on 64-bit Windows and kernel stacks on Windows Vista and Server 2008. In addition, tooltips on the service hosting processes…


Update: Handle v3.30 and Announcements

Mark’s Blog: “The Case of the Frozen Clock Gadget”: See how Mark uses the Windows Debugger and Sysinternals Process Explorer to troubleshoot a Windows Vista Sidebar Clock gadget issue. This example will show how symbols can be leveraged for deep Windows troubleshooting. Handle v3.30: This Handle update adds support for Vista object types and the…

Update and Blog on ProcessMonitor v1.25

ProcessMonitor v1.25: Minor bug fixes. ProcessMonitor Blog on “The Case of the Failed File Copy”: Check out Mark’s new blog where he uses Process Monitor to uncover the root cause for a file copy error. Process Monitor is uniquely useful for exposing file, registry, and process activity within Windows.


Updates: BgInfo v4.11, ProcessMonitor v1.24

BgInfo v4.11: Version 4.11 comes with a couple bug fixes and now supports images that span multiple monitors! In addition there are bug fixes for both large wallpaper centering and correctly identifying “Windows XP x64” installations. ProcessMonitor v1.24: Fixes a bug in the new Registry hooking feature.


Update: ZoomIt v1.71

ZoomIt v1.71: Drawing mode keys for the Straight Line and Arrow were swapped for better usability.