Mark’s TechEd IT-Forum Presentations Added

Links to Mark Russinovich's TechEd IT-Forum presentations have been added to the Sysinternals home page. If you were not able to attend these sessions at IT-Forum last month, you can view them now (links below). All of these sessions ranked in the top 10 (by attendee grading) among all sessions at the conference and 2 took first and second place (although I cannot recall which ones)! They are well worth viewing.

TechNet On-Demand Webcast: Windows Vista Kernel Changes: See Mark’s TechEd/ITForum presentation on the many interesting changes in the Windows Vista kernel, including SuperFetch, User Account Control, Prioritized-I/O, revamped logon architecture, and more.

TechNet On-Demand Webcast: Advanced Windows Troubleshooting with Sysinternals Process Monitor: Mark gives a tutorial on some of the many powerful Process Monitor features and shows you how to leverage them to troubleshoot common application and system problems.

TechNet On-Demand Webcast: Advanced Malware Cleaning: Learn from Mark how to use the Sysinternals tools to identify malware infestations, from standard spyware to kernel-mode rootkits, and clean them off your systems.

TechNet On-Demand Webcast: Windows Vista User Account Control Internals: In this TechEd/ITForum session Mark goes inside the various technologies that come under the umbrella name User Account Control (UAC), explaining their role and how the work. Mark concludes with a look at how UAC will affect the evolution of malware.

Comments (12)

  1. blabla says:

    don’t work in opera. please go back to school and learn how to make internet. if youtube can do it then you can too.

  2. Rick says:

    The videos there are almost unusable.  The video/audio get out of sync, the video is jerky, the audio just quits after a while, and there isn’t an option to download the presentation.

    There isn’t a pause button, so if you stop it, you’ll be hunting around (with choppy video) to try and find your spot to continue.

    The viewer it calls is buggy also – it locks my system (win2003 server r2) for 5-10 seconds when I close its window.

    The presentations seem nice – it’s a pity the implementation is so poor.

  3. pete says:

    I too find the presentations very choppy and unwatchable. Please fix this (or allow us to download to play locally).


  4. pete says:

    PS. My girlfriend says you should iron the packet-creases out of your shirt before appearing on video!

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