Adding Multiple Network Interfaces to an existing ARM based Virtual machine

At this point, there is no way of adding \ associating additional Network Interfaces via the portal to an existing Virtual machine. We can add additional Network Interfaces during the time we create \ provision a new virtual machine or by deleting the existing virtual machine (keeping the disk) and re-provisioning the Virtual machine using…


Configure Point to Site on ARM based Virtual Network

For the Classic Virtual network we could enable the Point to Site via the Old Portal ( however I’m afraid as of now, we don’t have a way to create the Point to Site connection via the new Portal ( for ARM. Though we can make use of PowerShell command let to achieve the same….


Creating Azure Virtual Network with ARM PowerShell cmdlets

Azure Resource Manager The AzureResourceManager module, introduced in Azure PowerShell version 0.8.0, lets you manage your resources in an entirely new way. Instead of creating individual resources and trying to use them together, begin by imagining the service you want to create, such as a web portal, a blog, a photo gallery, a commerce site,…