A quick note on the Windows Server Update Services life cycle

We often get questions about when the support End of Life (EOL) is for a particular piece of software so I thought I’d mention some of the important dates for WSUS in case you were still running any of the older versions. WSUS 2.0 RTM support has already ended. WSUS 2.0 SP1 support ends at… Read more

Updated Knowledge Base articles for 10-19 through 10-25

We had three updated Knowledge Base articles for the week – one on Microsoft Update and two on WSUS.  Links and titles are below: ======== Microsoft Software Update Services 894199 – Description of Software Update Services and Windows Server Update Services changes in content for 2008 Published – Updated Microsoft Update 326686 – You receive… Read more

WSUS: Updates page times out while trying to view or approve updates

Hello, Joe Tindale here from the WSUS team to give you some tips on those timeout errors you may see when trying to view or approve updates. This problem is prevalent on WSUS2 but it can happen on WSUS3 as well. It usually happens when a large number of updates or clients are on the… Read more

Want to stay current on all the new KB articles? Here’s how

If you’re in charge of administering WSUS then chances are you’re pretty concerned with making sure you’re aware of any new Knowledge Base articles as quickly as possible.  That’s why you subscribe to this blog and others like it. Being aware of this concern, once a week I collect all of the new and updated… Read more

Troubleshooting WSUS

If you’ve been working with WSUS for a while then you’re probably already aware of http://www.wsuswiki.com but if not you should stop by and check it out.  One of the cool things about the site is that all information provided on the site is written, validated and edited by users like you. Anyone can change… Read more

WSUS: Reports are slow or fail with an OutOfMemoryException error

Do you get the occasional OutOfMemoryException error when running reports in WSUS?  Are you looking to customize the reporting capabilities.  How about improving the overall performance of the reports?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then take a look at these tips from Joe Tindale, a Support Escalation Engineer in our WSUS… Read more

Troubleshooting the WSUS synchronization process

Yesterday I posted some general tips on troubleshooting the WSUS installation process and today we’re going to take a quick look at troubleshooting synchronization. When troubleshooting synchronization issues you need to make sure you have the basics covered. This includes: Make sure you can browse to http://update.microsoft.com. Make sure that ports 80 and 443 are… Read more

Troubleshooting the WSUS installation process

We get quite a few questions regarding the installation of Windows Server Update Services so I thought I would post some quick tips of troubleshooting the process for when it runs into problems.  When the WSUS installation fails, it generates four logs: WSUSSetup.log (the summary log) WSUSSetupMsi_timestamp.log (the verbose MSI log) WSUSCA_timestamp.log (the custom actions… Read more

WSUS: How To Throttle BITS

There is a small misunderstanding in BITS capabilities. When we say "bandwidth-throttling technology uses only idle bandwidth" and thus "downloads do not interfere with or slow other network activity, such as Internet browsing" the bandwidth we are talking about is the individual computer bandwidth. For example if the user is simultaneously browsing the Internet, BITS… Read more