Fixing “File cert verification failed” errors in WSUS

Here’s a heads up on a nice article I found over on the TechNet Wiki today. This is one written by Microsoft’s own Yuri Diogenes and it talks about some potential causes for an issue where WSUS syncing fails and a “File cert verification failed” message is logged in the SoftwareDistribution.log: Consider the following scenario:… Read more

Fixing WSUS sync error "WebException: The remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden."

Here’s an issue we see every once in a while in product support and since I didn’t see it documented very thoroughly anywhere else I thought I would do a quick write up in case you happen to see this some day on your WSUS box. Issue:  When the WSUS attempts to sync with the… Read more

Clearing the Synchronization history in the WSUS console

You know how after you’ve been using WSUS for a while and you go into the admin console, then to the Synchronization node, you can end up waiting and waiting for the list to enumerate?  This is the list I’m talking about: Have you ever wished you could just clear that list and start fresh? … Read more

WSUS: Two new product categories in the WSUS Synchronization Options dialogs

The good folks over in the WSUS product group recently posted on their blog about two new product categories that are showing up in the WSUS Synchronization Options dialogs.  An intro and a link to the full post is below: ======== Hello folks! Today you will see two  new product categories in your WSUS Synchronization… Read more

Cannot synchronize WSUS – Synchronization stays at 0%

Here’s an interesting issue recently discovered by Joe Tindale, one of our top WSUS Support Escalation Engineers out in North Carolina: ======== Issue: When trying to synchronize a WSUS 3.0 SP1 computer, it may not sync and progress may remain at 0%. When this occurs you may not see any obvious errors and the sync… Read more