Best Practices for Securing WSUS with SSL

Here’s another great article I found while I was checking out what was new over on the TechNet Wiki this morning. This one was written by Travis Plunk and discusses the best practices for securing WSUS with SSL: One of the questions that always come up during the planning phase of WSUS is how to… Read more

How to create an Internet facing WSUS server that uses different internal and external names

Hi everyone, Joao Madureira here.  I’m a Senior Support Escalation Engineer here at Microsoft on the System Center team and I wanted to take a minute and talk about installing WSUS in an Internet facing scenario.  When installing WSUS, often times you want to have your WSUS server on the Internet but with a different… Read more

WSUS client updates fail with error 80072F8F after configuring a self-signed certificate in IIS

Here’s a cool tip that was sent to me by Joao Madureira, a Support Escalation Engineer in our WSUS group.  If you want to use a self-signed cert in IIS7 for your WSUS clients then you’ll want to take a look at this one: ======== Issue: After installing WSUS on a Windows 2008 server and… Read more