WSUS administration best practices recommended to ease Forefront Endpoint Protection (and Client Security) deployment (en-US)

Here’s a cool article I found while going through what was new over on our community-driven TechNet Wiki. This one discusses some best practices for WSUS that should ease Microsoft  Forefront Endpoint Protection and Client Security deployments. And as with all of the Wiki articles, if you have some tips of your own please feel… Read more

Guidance about WSUS on a Domain Controller

Here’s a heads up on another cool article I found over on the TechNet Wiki today. This is another one written by Microsoft’s own Yuri Diogenes and it talks about all the things you need to be aware of if you decide to place a WSUS server on a DC: A common question that comes… Read more

Best Practices for Securing WSUS with SSL

Here’s another great article I found while I was checking out what was new over on the TechNet Wiki this morning. This one was written by Travis Plunk and discusses the best practices for securing WSUS with SSL: One of the questions that always come up during the planning phase of WSUS is how to… Read more

Best practices for catalog authoring in System Center Updates Publisher (SCUP)

If you’re looking for some guidance and best practices on how to author and maintain high quality System Center Update Publisher (SCUP) catalogs then you’re at the right place.  Our very own Jason Lewis has created an authoring guide that will answer just about every question you could have including: "When should I modify my… Read more