New KB: General guidance on optimizing WSUS client performance

After deploying a WSUS server, you may experience the following performance issues on clients: 1. You may experience prolonged high CPU utilization when you scan for updates or when you install updates. 2. The scans fail. This article provides general guidelines for optimizing the performance of the clients and for fixing the issue if the… Read more

Information on the ConfigMgr 2007 client side process for Software Updates

I already posted this over on our Configuration Manager blog but since it relates to WSUS I thought some of you might like to see it as well.  If you’ve integrated WSUS into your ConfigMgr environment then this is some good reading by our very own Brian Shaw: ===== I want to take a minute… Read more

EEHndlr WARNING: Failed to populate ServiceStartup entries in Cache: error 0x80070002

The EMEA Core Team posted a great tip on a WSUS related error they’ve been seeing lately: When running updates from WSUS 3.0 SP1 we are seeing the following error messages in the Windows Update Agent Log File C:\Windows\WindowsUpdate.log.  We see these messages on all of our target Windows 2003 SP2 x64 servers WindowsUpdate: 2009-01-21… Read more

New WSUS KB: KB974500 – After you disable the "Download express installation files" option, client computers may be unable to receive new updates

We had a new WSUS related Knowledge Base article published last week, this one describing an issue where after you disable the “Download express installation files” option in Windows Server Update Services 3.0, client computers may be unable to receive new updates: KB974500 – After you disable the “Download express installation files” option in Windows… Read more

Examining some common problems for the Software Updates Client Agent

Here’s another great post on troubleshooting updates put out by our very own Brent Dunsire.  This was originally targeted towards the update client agent in ConfigMgr 2007 but I figure there’s enough overlap that  you might find it helpful as well.  Enjoy! ======== Hello System Center, In this post I’d like to share information gleaned… Read more

A quick fix for Windows Update client issues

Many times here in the WSUS product support group we get calls that boil down to some sort of issue with the client.  Maybe a DLL is no longer registered for some reason, or maybe the proxy isn’t configured, who knows.  Well what if I told you there was an easy way to repair almost… Read more

Resolving the duplicate SUSClientID issue, or “Why don’t all my clients show up in the WSUS console?”

A common issue we seem to get calls on again and again is the issue where a customer has WSUS configured but when he or she goes to the admin console some clients appear and others do not.  You may even notice that it seems to change on a random basis, where today some clients… Read more