An update on the bounty programs

Back in June of this year, we announced three new bounty programs that will pay researchers for techniques that bypass built-in OS mitigations and protections, for defenses that stop those bypasses and for vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer 11 Preview. This past Friday, we provided some additional details about the results of the IE11 Preview bounty… Read more

The BlueHat Prize finalists, in their own words

In a little less than 24 hours, we will award $200,000 to Jared DeMott, Ivan Frantic, or Vasilis Pappas as we name the inaugural winner of the BlueHat Prize – and we’ll award more than $50,000 for the two runners-up. As excitement builds towards that announcement, I was fortunate enough to sit down with each finalist and… Read more

Blue Hat Prize technology available in Tech Preview

One year ago this week we challenged the security community to take an unconventional focus on defensive innovation. We called that challenge the BlueHat Prize, and tomorrow night, we will award the grand prize of $200,000 to one of the finalists – Jared DeMott, Ivan Fratric, or Vasilis Pappas. All three finalists submitted prototype mitigations… Read more

Countdown to the BlueHat Prize announcement and a chance for you to win $5000

Hello, To mark the start of the 10-day countdown to the BlueHat Prize award ceremony, the MSRC Ecosystem Strategy Team is announcing the BlueHat Prize Question Sweepstakes that will give you a chance to win $5,000 at Black Hat this year! Be sure to check out the official announcement here and the official rules here… Read more

BlueHat Prize: And now the fun begins

The entry window for the first annual BlueHat Prize closed at 11:59pm PDT on April 1. We’ve been eagerly awaiting a final entry count from the contest organizers, and senior security strategist Katie Moussouris has just posted that tally on the EcoStrat blog. Congratulations to all participants and good luck to the BlueHat Prize Board,… Read more


Nearly nine months after we announced the first annual BlueHat Prize competition for innovations in defensive security technologies, we’re just days away from the submission deadline. On the EcoStrat blog today, Senior Security Strategist Katie Moussouris gives a glimpse into the frantic final days of the competition period. If you’re working on your own entry… Read more