Internet Explorer 8 is now available via WSUS

image In case you missed the big news over on the IEBlog, on Tuesday they announced that they have made IE8 available via WSUS.  It should be available in the “Update rollup” category but note that even if Auto-Approve for the “Update Rollup” category is on, Internet Explorer 8 will not automatically be deployed.  You must approve the Internet Explorer 8 License Terms before Internet Explorer 8 is deployed to your downstream clients. As of today it is available for the following languages and platforms:


On September 22, 2009 all supported languages will be available via WSUS, with the release of the following versions of Internet Explorer 8 for Windows XP:


For all the details on how IE8 will be offered through WSUS see

 J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer