Latest on MS08-067

Looks like Christopher Budd over on the MSRC blog has another update on MS08-067 for us.  Overall not a lot has changed but he does have some interesting info on some of the malware that’s been reported surrounding it.  If you’re curious I have a snippet below and you can read the entire post here.


Hi, this is Christopher Budd. We’ve been getting some questions from customers this week asking if we’ve seen any changes in the threat environment around MS08-067. We do have some information that we can share so I wanted to pass that along.

Most importantly, we continue to see strong deployments of MS08-067. We’re glad that customers have moved as quickly as they have to download, test and deploy the update. That said, we continue to urge customers who haven’t yet deployed the update to do so.

We have seen some new pieces of malware attempting to exploit this vulnerability this week. And while so far, none of these attacks are the broad, fast-moving, self-replicating attacks people usually think of when they hear the word “worm,” they do underscore the importance of deploying this update if you haven’t already.


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J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer