WSUS: Console shows update as Not Approved yet it’s still installed by WSUS

Here’s a cool tip on an issue that seems to get people from time to time.  This one comes from Joao Madureira, a real life WSUS support engineer from Texas:


Issue: When checking the console for approved updates, some updates may appear as Not Approved even when the update screen is set to show only approved updates and the updates are indeed installed on the clients.  You may also notice that these same updates appear as installed according to the report.

Cause: On the Automatic Approvals page the rule to automatic approve a new revision for previously approved updates is disabled.  What this means is that the original, approved update is installed, but a later revision of the same update is not, thus it can appear as Not Approved. 

Resolution: In Options, on the Automatic Approvals page, enable automatic approval of revisions to existing updates. 

More information: For more information on configuring approvals see


Thanks Joao!

J.C. Hornbeck | Manageability Knowledge Engineer