Update for Surface Pro (13 July 2017)

Today we've released a Surface System Aggregator firmware update for the Surface Pro. This firmware update revises system power reporting.

For Surface Pro, the updates are available in MSI format from the Surface Pro Drivers and Firmware page in the Microsoft Download Center. Click Download to download the following file:

•    SurfacePro_Win10_15063_1706007_0.msi

For your reference, here is a full list of the driver version that is updated in this release and the improvements it provides:

Surface Pro

•    Surface System Aggregator (v233.1763.257.0) revises system power reporting

Comments (6)

  1. Pete says:

    Does this address the issue of unexpected hibernation? Will this also be distributed through Windows Update? When?

    1. Yes this addresses the issue of unexpected hibernation and the update should already be available via Windows Update.

  2. Dave says:

    The 1706007 update does not install. I get an Error message saying : “This Device is not a Surface Pro. Please choose the right device in order to proceed. Aborting this operation…”
    I am running v1703

    1. Are you running this update on a Surface Pro (Model 1796, 2017), or on an earlier Surface Pro model (Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 2 or the original Surface Pro (2013)). This update is for Surface Pro (Model 1796, 2017) only.

      1. Dave says:

        Surface Pro 3
        It’s not clear that this is only for the new model since there’s no designation

  3. Srivathsan V says:

    My touchpad in type cover becomes unresponsive after I install GoToMeeting , does this update solve the issue. I had to uninstall twice the GoToMeeting app. I had even reset the pc once. My model is 1796.

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