Surface Pro 3 November Update Now Available on Microsoft Download Center

Early last month we released a driver for Surface Pro 3 devices to Windows Update. This driver, an update to Surface Pro 3 System Firmware, corrects a condition that causes the full charge capacity of the battery to be misreported to the operating system and device firmware on some devices. We're happy to announce that you can now download this driver in the ZIP and MSI files on the Surface Pro 3 Drivers and Firmware page in the Microsoft Download Center.

Visit to download:

  • SurfacePro3_Win10_161602_6.msi
  • SurfacePro3_Win8x_161602_0.msi

Note: In this release you will notice that there are not just one but two ZIP files for Windows 10. Each of these ZIP files includes in the name a Windows 10 build number indicating the minimum supported build required to install the drivers and firmware contained within. For example, to install the drivers contained in you must have Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Version 1607) or newer installed on your Surface Pro 3 device. You can find a list of the build numbers for each version of Windows 10 in Windows 10 release information.

Comments (2)

  1. sigurd_ch says:

    The msi changed the application name from “Surface Platform Installer” to “SurfacePro3 Update 16_16_02”
    and the version to 16_16_02, so if you have a previous version already installed (e.g. the setup fails with “A newer version of SurfacePro3 Update 16_16_02 is already installed” and setup fails with error 1603.

  2. Ryan Steele says:

    I’ve just tried to deploy SurfacePro3_Win10_161602_5.msi to a machine which had installed and it failed. Event 10005 is logged in the Application log with this message: “Product: SurfacePro3 Update 16_16_02 — A newer version of SurfacePro3 Update 16_16_02 is already installed.” I ended up having to uninstall the old version, then run the diagcab from and remove two orphaned instances of previous Surface Platform Update installers before this would install.

    Respectfully, I think your team has some more work to do.

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