Updates to the Surface Dock Updater Tool

We've made some updates to the Surface Dock Updater Tool. This tool is useful if you are an IT Pro looking for a way to guarantee that Surface Docks are running the latest firmware before assigning them to users. It guides you through the process of updating all the components of your Surface Dock.

Surface Dock Updater v2 now improves the reliability of Ethernet, Audio and USB, in addition to containing the video out updates that were in Surface Dock Updater v1.

The tool now also logs the MAC address and all the firmware component versions to the event log as soon as the application is opened and a Surface Dock is connected. We've also made small changes to the UI, to accommodate the USB hub updates and address feedback we received about the original version.

You can download the Surface Dock Updater Tool from the Microsoft Download Center.

Comments (6)

  1. rufociliatus says:

    So as I understand this includes a newer firmware update for a SP4 docking station…
    Can you tell if or when “Surface Pro 4 Drivers and Firmware” package will be updated with it?

    I’m referring to the one found here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=49498

    Thanks a bunch!

  2. Renaud says:

    the new version is unusable.

    We have 850 Surface pro 4 with Surface Dock. Surface dock are plugged to Ethernet, 2 DP screens and usb devices such as keyboard, mouse and headset. Software is deployed trough SCCM, restart is done after setup. We launch the software as admin and follow the wizard as recommanded on technet. After uploading the firmware to the surface dock, the software ask to disconnect the surface dock. We are invited to plug the surface dock again and the software tell us again that the dock need to be updated. We relaunch the update and the software remain stuck at uploading firmware to 100%.

    And when i update one docking (when it works), if a plug a second docking just behind the first, the software says the second is uptodate but not. If i restart my computer and try again, then the software says that the dock finally needs to be updated.

  3. Glenn Turner says:

    In his blog post (https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/itpro/surface/manage-surface-pro-3-firmware-updates), Joao says that we can use three ways to update the firmware:

    1. Automatic installation with Windows Update.
    2. Deployment of drivers downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center
    3. Manually update with Microsoft Surface dock updater.

    Is it a supported scenario to update a dock to the latest version using the MSI from here? Or there is supposed to be another MSI just for the docks?

    We know that we’re not up to date because even when machines have been running the latest Surface Pro 4 drivers (installed via MSI) for months, their docks that are connected and checked via the Surface dock updater say they need an update.

  4. Maciej Orzechowski says:

    I have started to get this error “usb hub firmware driver is missing please reinstall the package” after installing latest (v2.1.15.0) software. removing it and installing previous version is not solving this issue. Same error message appears. 🙁

  5. Jeff Yenzer says:

    Is there a version that updates the original version of the Surface Dock? When running this updater software it will not even register that the device is connected.

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