Surface is on Microsoft Mechanics

Today marks the launch of Microsoft Mechanics (, our official new video show platform for IT professionals and tech enthusiasts. Shows comprise informative demos, how-tos, and insights from the engineers and tech leaders behind the technology, and air each Wednesday or as news breaks.


For Surface, this means that beyond our news and blog announcements, we’ll regularly deliver topical 2 to 3 minute demo-rich video overviews in our upcoming Demo Bench series featured on the Surface playlist. These shows will be hosted directly by the device and software engineers behind Surface. For more specific topics we’ll also release several narrated & animated demos. The first of which we published today on how to discover and manage driver and firmware updates for Surface.

You may be interested in learning more about the specific design features of Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. You may have questions around manageability; you may want to understand Surface power plans, or get news of the latest firmware and driver updates. In all cases you can stay informed by:

Following us on Twitter @MSFTMechanics

Subscribing to Microsoft Mechanics site on YouTube

Signing up for Surface IT Pro Bulletin

Don’t forget to keep checking the Surface for IT Pros blog as we’ll also share new demonstrations here.


Surface IT Pro Marketing team

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