How to delete all the printers for all the users.

This was the scenario on which i was working the other day, all the users had mapped printers in their organizations manually over the period of time until it become too chaotic to be managed.  So when we decided to map the printers finally with the GPO but the need arise to clean up all…


Connecting vnet to vnet in Azure.

for a note to self:   Create two vnet resource group call it vnet01 and vnet02. Vnet  On vnet01 create a new virtual network, device the IP range as Create a default subnet in it mark it like Create a GatewaySubnet and mark it it can only reside between /16 and /29….


Exchange Server 2016- Installation part 1.

In this Blog we will discuss the prerequisites for installing exchange server 2016 in the environment. This is a lab environment so we just have a one DC and one server which will host the mailbox server role.   Prerequisite for installing exchange 2016.   Exchange online server: In short- once Exchange online server is…


OSI model.

OSI is a sevel layer conceptual model that is logically used to present the logical layers between which the data is going to travel. the below seven layers are described below, the data is sent from 1-7 from source machine while on client computer it travels from 7 to 1, the one in brackets.  Upper…


How to install the operating system based upon the size of the disks using MDT.

In this blog, I will illustrate a cheeky little improvisation in MDT that will enable you to install the operating system based upon the disk size of the client machine. Here was one of the interesting issue that i recently came across.  User has two disks in the servers, one was a smaller SSD disk…


Workflow of WDS.

Here is the workflow for WDS deployment, these steps assume that WDS, DHCP and client are on the same subnet.  1. PXE boot is initiated by the client to locate the DHCP server; the code- how to do that is located in firmware of the network adapter, here is the PXE specification document from Intel…


Sysprep providers.

Some custom application needs to have information related to windows installation as well as needing some information from your custom windows installation. Sysprep providers is a measure through which we can provide the update to the application. typically if you have installed your application on an operating system and then you want to get rid…


the XML files unattend..xml OOBE.xml and ei.xml- Part 1

In this blog i am going to mention what are the different type of files that are available to us when we will have to take up an enterprise level deployment. So lets get started. EI.cfg An EI.cfg is a prettu much a straight forward file. it is typically used in the scenario where you…


Off to Goa.. :)

Well, I saw two of my posts has attracted to more than 1500 views in less than a week; Happy to see people visiting this blog. So while i wanted to write even more, i realized lately that i am continuously working from past 6 months without any break so thought of pausing everything for…


How WDS works- An inside story with Netmon traces.

Hello My name is Mayank Sharma and I am a technical Advisor at Microsoft. In this blog I am going discuss how WDS performs the installation on a remote client and what the role of each component is. Reason why I’m writing this blog is that while there is a lot of information available in…