The Tool, Office 365 Delegates is here.

A new Office 365 tool developed and available to use. The tool named as O365 Delegates.  Let me explain , why the tool developed and what the tool does.

Why the tool, O365 Delegates Developed ?

  • During the course of Office 365 Exchange related troubleshooting, You need to generate various PowerShell command to collect various data.
  • At times, You may feel using Powershell is not very comfortable to collect the data.
  • I had heard from friends that if they have a tool to perform their day to day activities in managing the mailboxes rather using remote PowerShell, it will be very useful.
  • Also when I was checking various Microsoft Developers forums, I could see a huge demand for a sample tool to help the Office 365 tool developers.
  • In Order to help, Office 365 Exchange Administrators, Office 365 Tool Developers,   The O365 Delegates tool developed.

What the tool does ?

The tool can be used to:

  • Allow others to manage your mailbox and calendar by giving delegate permission.
  • Find existing distribution list members.
  • List delegate permission.
  • Remove delegate permission.
  • Modify delegate permission level.
  • Grant & Revoke “Full Mailbox” and “Send As” Permission.
  • Run various Office 365 PowerShell commands to retrieve user/mailbox details.
  • It is provisioned to get LDP dump of the on-premise user through PowerShell.

As the tool can be used to perform the task that can be done with other application and thru manual PowerShell, but with less effort, it is named as Office 365 Delegates.


What is next for the tool ?

O365 Delegates to include the followings in Version 2.0,

  • Customizable PowerShell commands to generate various advance reports .
  • Run the command for multiple users.
  • Perform various Set commands to manage O365 mailboxes and the list goes on.



The Tool’s Availability:

If you are a developer and looking for sample, you can download the complete tool from the link :

I hope the tool is helpful.



Comments (5)
  1. Anonymous says:

    This post is so dumb I wonder if this guy is still a work or already fired ?

  2. Frustrated User says:

    Does this tool require compiling in order to work? if so is that not why this tool isn’t used?

  3. Frustrated User says:

    Ok, PDF in this article is "Corrupt" but the one in C# download isn’t , that has the info

  4. ImWithFrustrated says:

    Great tool… if one could use it… :-/ and pdf doesn’t work. Is figuring out how to launch it supposed to be a part of the puzzle? Compiling it into an EXE would be too easy, right? Thanks for nothing.

  5. Bryant O'Hara says:

    Yeah it needs to be compiled. It’s got an old reference to a System.Management.Automation.DLL, and that’s causing the thing to fail compilation. I removed it and added the current version (4.0, I believe), and that solved the problem for me. Good luck,

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