Troubleshooting SCCM Part III …Software Updates

Software Updates Providing updates to software and maintaining managed resources is a reality of networked, distributed computing. An effective software update management process is necessary to maintain operational efficiency, overcome security issues, and maintain the stability of the network infrastructure. However, because of the changing nature of technology and the continual appearance of new security…


Move the site database in SCCM 2007 R2

Move the site database in SCCM 2007 R2   Usually the process of moving the site database is well documented in the link What it might be missing is in case you have integrated with SQL reporting services how do we make sure that the configuration manager also uses same servers reporting services. In…


PowerShell script to rename the VHD file and attach it to the VM

I had few quries on how to re-name of the VHD same as VM name. This is a PowerShell script which you can ask as an alternative on getting this thing done.   This power shell uses the Hyper-v Module. Please download the module from . This has the download and a PDF file…


Script to check the staus of a service for a group of machines

This script will help to check if the srevice is avilable or not in a group of system  ‘============================================================================================’Script Written by Sudheesh Narayanaswamy’This can be used to check if the srevice is avilable or not in a group of system’Create a file called input.txt (location speiced in strFile) with computer name of the system each…


VB Script IP Online tester

This script will show which all IP address are in use for a range of IP and also check whihc all are online and whihc all are offline. SCRIPT======= ============================================================================================’Script Written by Sudheesh Narayanaswamy’This can be used to check the IP address which are in use currentely. It will tell you which all IP are…


Grooming in SCOM

Operation Manger Database How Operations manager grooming works and how to check The grooming settings are stored in the database in the PartitionandGroomingSettings table. Each table uses a different stored procedure to groom. You can run the following command which can give you the jobs and the groomingruntime  to check when it was last run….


How to check if a certificate is going to Expire

How to check if a certificate is going to Expire and Create a Event in Event Viewer This script will check for the certificates and then will create a event if the certificates is going to expire within 10 days period. Please note that this requires  capicom.dll  so please register this using command regsvr32 capicom.dll. You can…


Script to delete a WMI instance from WMI repository

  This is a script to delete a WMI instance from the WMI repository.   This was used when the deployment status were failing infroming there was another deployment in progress where as it was not there. This was because of the issue with the entry present in the WMI. In this example we are deleting…


Troubleshooting SCCM ..Part II (Hardware Inventory)

Hardware Inventory Hardware inventory is a feature in itself and functions independent to the other features of SCCM, but it closely depends on a successful deployment. SCCM Setup has to complete successfully. The Hardware inventory feature on the server side solely depends on setup and successful SQL install. All the tables from the default sms_def.mof…


Troubleshooting SCCM ..Part I (Client Push Installation )

Client Installation   Once you are through with the installation of the SCCM server and the configuration then the next major task is client or agent installation. There are various methods to accomplish this task. Please check this link for more details.  e, Whatever be the method used, the logic remains the same. The…