How to collect the Install date of updates using SCCM

We had requirements on to collect the information of Install date for updates which is not usually collected using inventory.

The below Steps will help to get that information in to SCCM database

1) Import the Cab file

2) Import the MOF file so that SMS_DEF.MOF is updated in 2012 this is how you do

  • On the console, Administration -> Client Settings ->  right-click 'Default Client Settings' ->and go to properties.
  • Select Hardware Inventory, then on the right "Set Classes.
  • Click Import and browse to the updatedetails.mof file you saved.

Content of MOF file
[ SMS_Report (TRUE),

  SMS_Group_Name ("CM_UpdateDetails"),
  Namespace ("root\\\\cimv2") ]
class CM_UpdateDetails : SMS_Class_Template
    [ SMS_Report (TRUE), key ]
    String     HotFixID;
    [ SMS_Report (TRUE) ]
    String     Installdate;
    [ SMS_Report (TRUE) ]
    String     Installedby;
    [ SMS_Report (TRUE) ]
    String     UpdateType;

You will get the data in the query
select * from v_GS_CM_UPDATEDETAILS


The powershell script use to create a WMI entry is also available in the Zip file.

This posting /Script  is provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confers no rights

Comments (4)

  1. Serdar says:

    This is not working on Servers. It is say that type mismatch

  2. Sidheswar Biswal says:

    How can I know from client side on which date last update is taken on sccm client machine

  3. RJ says:

    Sudheesh, if the installed date is not captured default, what is the LastStatusTime, LastStateName, LastStatusMessageIDName etc. stored against each UpdateID for the resources in view – v_GS_PatchStatus ?
    When checked further the view is updated from vSMS_G_System_PatchStatus..
    Please comment

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