Connect to WSUS server from PowerShell

At time while troubleshooting SUP (software update point)in SCCM we get error in WCM.log that we are unable to connect to WSUS server. Most of the time turning out to be proxy or a network issue,

This script will help you connect to the WSUS and let us know if the connection is successful or else will help us with the exception information. hence we could isolate the issue out of SCCM to understand if it is environment or a configuration issue in SCCM

Many a times I have found this handy

#Change server name and port number and $True if it is on SSL
[String]$updateServer1 = "CMCAS"
[Boolean]$useSecureConnection = $False
[Int32]$portNumber =
# Load .NET assembly
# Connect to WSUS Server
$updateServer = [Microsoft.UpdateServices.Administration.AdminProxy]::getUpdateServer($updateServer1,$useSecureConnection,$portNumber)
write-host "<<<Connected sucessfully >>>" -foregroundcolor "yellow"
write-host "Error Occurred"
write-host "Exception Message: "
write-host $_.Exception.Message
write-host $_.Exception.StackTrace


On success you would get this


Or error exception


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  1. A says:

    Part of the script is cut off on the connect line.

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