Who is using Wmiprvse is it SMS services

We have lot instances where the issues like CPU spike , memory usage and even some activities are caused by SMS services. In many of these cases  the process in question would be wmiprvse not SMS agent or SMS services  directly.

Wmiprvse it is not something only which SMS agent host or other services  uses it can be launched by any application who wants to have some operation on WMI

Now how can we identify which Wmiprvse is used by which process. 


  • Go to Start -Run – Wbemtest
  • connect to root\cimv2 namespace and launch the following Query 
  • select * from msft_providers where HostingGroup = "SMS" or HostingGroup = "CCM" 
  • Got two entries and HostProcessIdentifier and note them down


Now open task manager or run tasklist and try to get the PID of wmiprvse and check if the HostProcessIdentifier we found is the one creating issue.

This is the best way to identify of the SMS agent host or other service  is the one creating issue or any other application

 You can also run  

select * from msft_providers where HostProcessIdentifier =  <PID of wmiprvse>

 if you know the PID and back track to namespace and find the application as well


Hope this will be helpful

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  1. saranrajappa says:

    Sudheesh, Yes, we came across lot of time. Thank you for providing such depth details. Very helpful

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