Overall Compliance Reports for updates shows Unknown Status in System Center Configuration Manager

Overall Compliance Reports for updates shows Unknown Status in System Center Configuration Manager   Getting Unknown Status in Overall Compliance reports, is one of the most common issue many of us face while running the software update reports for compliance. The general troubleshooting what we do is to try send the state message again or…


Patches That Fix the Vulnerability For MS17-010

  WannaCry ransomware attack currently spreading across the globe and every one is busy working to patch the machines for MS17-010. There has been a doubt on which updates covers this Vulnerability. After looking through the https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/security/ms17-010.aspx  and also Catalogue of Microsoft, here is the list of updates with the operating System and date released….


Status of Update per Update ID from WSUS server

With the Current issue with Ransome Wancrypt we had a requirement where we had WSUS only to get report. WSUS reports are there but the reports were not friendly. So we had to write two scripts using powershell , one to Get the Summary of Update Installation Status for a Specific or a Set of…


Logoff a Specific User from a Group of Remote Computers (PowerShell Script)

At times we get request on that we need to log off a particular user from multiple machines where he has remotely logged in forcefully. This scripts helps in doing the same. For a particular task I had written this and though would be helpful for others hence sharing. It uses one input files $path1…


Report for Local admins using SCCM

If you follow the below  link and user the configuration item and get the inventory , the data will be in the database . http://blogs.technet.com/b/sudheesn/archive/2014/12/12/collect-hardware-inventory-of-local-admins.aspx  I have few request coming in asking for reports for the same. I have created two reports and sharing the rdl with you all so that it can be useful….


Application Deployment Policy Creation Flow

The application model of Configuration Manager 2012 uses Configuration Items. So the deployment and policy creation is a little different from the package creation. I am trying here to explain the flow of events which happens till the policy created on the server for a specific deployment. When you create the deployment for an application…


How to parse a XML file and get the Node value using Powershell

  Let us say that we have sample XMl file like this <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><note>  <to>ToAll</to>  <from>FromME</from>  <heading>Reminder</heading>  <body>Hello World!</body></note> The following will read the file and get us the value of the nodes $path= "C:\Sample.xml"$oXMLDocument=New-Object System.XML.XMLDocument  $oXMLDocument.Load($path)  write-host "Value to To:" $oXMLDocument.note.towrite-host "Value to From:"$oXMLDocument.note.fromwrite-host "Value to Heading:"$oXMLDocument.note.headingwrite-host "Value to Body:"$oXMLDocument.note.body This is easy…


How to collect the Install date of updates using SCCM

We had requirements on to collect the information of Install date for updates which is not usually collected using inventory. The below Steps will help to get that information in to SCCM database 1) Import the Cab file Take the attached file–> Update Details.cab In your ConfigMgr 12 console, on Assets and Compliance, Compliance Settings…


Powershell Scripts to distribute packages to a set of DP

At times we get request on that we need to refresh the package or we need to distribute the package for a specific set of DP. This scripts helps in distributing any kind of content (Application, legacy package, SUM package, driver package etc ) on the . It uses two input files ($path1 = "c:\temp\server.csv"  …


PowerShell Script to decline all Superseded Updates in WSUS

At time troubleshooting on cases we had to decline updates which are superseded  from the WSUS and hence help to make sure that the no of updates the update agent scan is reduced. ========================================================= #Change server name and port number and $True if it is on SSL [String]$updateServer1 = "CMCAS" [Boolean]$useSecureConnection = $False [Int32]$portNumber =8530 # Load…