Windows 7 & Error 80072ee2

I upgraded my home laptop to the beta of Windows 7 this weekend, and when I ran Windows Update I kept getting error 80072ee2 in the windowsupdate.log.  It's a good idea to run windows update when you've done a fresh install of Windows 7 as it picks up a fair few of the missing device drivers (including in my case video).  Error 80072ee2 is one of those errors that seems to be relatively generic, and related to network connectivity of some kind.  My fix was relatively simple - I manually downloaded the latest Intel network drivers for my machine and installed  them - problem solved.  Windows Update works again.  If you're getting this error, it's a relatively easy first step to try.

Comments (2)

  1. luis says:

    thx a lot!!!

    Oh man …I tried everything else …wow …newer suspect it’s so easy:).

    One more time …Thx!!

  2. Vugar says:

    I have this problem pls help me to solve error 80072ee2

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