Exchange 2010 and Netbios domains with dotted notations

We've had a small number of cases come in where customers are unable to manage their Exchange 2010 environments via the Exchange Management Console. Attempts to do so result in the following error:

"Initialization failed
The following error occurred when getting user information for '\alias':
The operations couldn't be performed because object '\alias' couldn't be found on ''. It was running the command 'Get-LogonUser'."

This issue can occur when the Netbios name for your domain contains a dotted notation. Generally, Netbios domains traditionally are one word values (in the sense of what we consider as "Internet" domains, such as DOMAIN. Netbios domain names, however, supported a character set which included the period, '.' and so there are a number of organization out there who may have had their Netbios domain name set up as DOMAIN.COM, or COMPANY.DOMAIN, or any such combination that included a period or "dotted" notation.

You will need to contact us for an Interim Update that can be applied to resolve this issue. It should also be fixed in Exchange Server 2010 RU4 but at this time, we haven't gotten RU3 out the door so it will be a few months.

I've also seen this resolve issues with ActiveSync to back end E2K3 servers given the same "dotted" Netbios domain. Given that there are a number of potential components in Exchange that this could impact, if you have a dotted Netbios domain and are having some very odd problems with Exchange 2010, please give us a call (or apply RU4 if it's available when you read this).

 Note: You MUST open a support incident with Microsoft Exchange Server Support. To make this as easy as possible, please refer to KB 981033 and provide the Exchange Rollup version you are currently running to get the correct fix.

EDIT: Exchange Server 2010 RU4 is now out, see It contains the fix to resolve this issue.

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  1. We now have Interim Updates available for RU1, RU2, and RU3 but you will need to call into open a support incident with Microsoft Exchange Support.  Refer to KB 981033 which hasn’t been published publicly yet. RU4 is still slated to have this fix included.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hello Stuart

    We do have the problem you described in your article "Exchange 2010 and Netbios domain with dotted notations". Could you please provide us an interim update for this issue?

    Thank you for your help



  3. Anonymous says:

    We are experiencing the same issue. Where can I get the interim update?    

  4. Anonymous says:

    +1..same problem with my lab. Installing E2K10 SP1 the EMC is not initializing and returns the same error. It was fixed in RU 4 for E2K10? I'm recreating my lab with a dotfree netbios domian name.

  5. Anonymous says:


    I have the same problem. I didn’t undestand how to get the update 981033. I have to open a ticket to microsoft?


  6. angel says:


    i am facing the same error but on Exchange 2010 SP1. can you please tell me the solution?

  7. ranjeetsharma says:

    I have installed Exchange 2010 SP1 Beta and seeing this error. Even though on same machine and domain setup i didn't face this error with exchange 2010

  8. I get this same error in a lab environment, Exchange 2010 SP1, and the NetBIOS name does NOT have a period in it.

  9. Jochen says:

    We have the same problem here with 2008R2 / EXC2010SP1

    The NetBios Name has NO dotted notation

    Test environment

    DC with 2008R2

    Exchange see Above

    running on 2 VMs on a ESX 4.1

  10. Boris says:

    Same problem on 2 VMs

    first VM: 2008R2

    second VM: exch2010 sp1 RU 2

    no new updates available

    plz help

  11. Lediard says:

    Hi I had this issue in my test lab of Exchange Server 2010 initialization failed because the user was not find it was running Get-logonuser.

    This usually happens in Hyper-V or another Virtualization software, when the same Image that was created is used without Sysprep, EMC will not start if the Machine SID conflicts with Virtual Machine or Host.

    To sysprep try to go to c:windowssystem32sysprep, and make sure you check GENRALIZE.

    This helped me while i spend a week doing research on this issue. Hope it will help you.



    MCITP Enterprise Admin, MCSE, MCSA, MCSA Messaging,


  12. David says:

    I too am having the problem with Exchange 2010 SP1 with Rollup 2.  I installed with Exchange Enterprise with integrated SP1 and added the rollup to into the install updates directory.  This was a brand new 2008 R2 enviroment with new AD domain, so no legacy Exchange or AD.  All servers are running on VMware ESXi 4.1 enviroment on either an HP DL185 with dual quad core AMD CPUs & 16GB of RAM or on Cisco UCS C200 with dual quad core Xeon CPU and 24GB RAM.  Each AD machine has 4GB of RAM and at least 60GB of hard drive available.

    I did try Lediard's sugestion above and it nuked one of my machines and can not see to recover.  I would not recommend trying that unless you are fully aware of what your are doing to your machine.  Also if anyone knows how to help me recover the nuked machince I would be gratefull.

  13. Azim Tisekar says:

    Dear Friends ,

    I Was Also facing a same problem.

    After struggling a lot ,I  Run a sysprep  (c:windowssystem32sysprep )  as i read on lots of articles and

    freshly installed  MS exchange 2010 and it work with me .

    Note : Don't  run sysprep on the same machine or virtual machine where you install a exchange 2010 .take a fresh copy of VM or install a fresh OS .

    I hope this will Help you all !!!

    Good day ….:)


  14. Emergency Exchange Support says:

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