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I love product reviews for storage server solutions!  Here is a great example:  http://Storagereview.com has a new review posted on the StoreEasy 5530, a Windows Storage Server 2012 solution from HP that continues to gain solid momentum worldwide. You might remember the blog entry we posted when the product launched: http://blogs.technet.com/b/storageserver/archive/2013/02/26/hp-storeeasy-storage-appliances-and-gateways.aspx

StorageReview has a thorough review on the StoreEasy 5530 that leverages two copies of Windows Storage Server 2012 Standard to
create a clustered active/active file server in a nice and compact “Cluster-in-a-box” package.

Top takeaways:

  • It is easy to deploy and service these Cluster in a box designs that use HP’s standard Proliant parts.
  • In a 16 Large-form factor disk configuration test transferring large 128k blocks of data, they got 2.2GB/s read and 566MB/s
    write speeds over SMB. Checkout the IOPS, throughput and response latency charts they created on their 16-drive configuration.
  • These appliances can service 10’s of thousands of users and de-duplicate 10’s of terabytes every day.

HP StoreEasy 5530 Review


Additionally here are a few whitepapers papers you may want to check out:

Got 3U to spare? 
These continuously-available servers make any rack look good!



The HP NAS Storage team has done some amazing work leading the Windows storage community with the first Cluster-in-a-box running storage server and they have once again lead the industry in the transition from Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 to Windows Storage Server 2012 with the new StoreEasy offerings. 

Scott M. Johnson
Windows Storage Server

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