A Quick Update, More to Come…

Hi folks, Lots of things have been happening since my last blog article. We released Windows Storage Server 2012 to Microsoft hardware partners in September 2012 and I’ve been traveling far-and-wide to train engineers and support staff. I wound-up the first half of my world tour at the HP Discover Conference in Frankfurt where they announced 7 new models in the StoreEasy portfolio. Then I spent a few weeks at home over the holidays, and was back on the road for more Windows Storage Server 2012 training in Japan and China. Check out this cool picture of a Windows Server 2012 ad inside the Shinagawa train station in Tokyo!


Now that I’m back, I have time to catch up on things—blogs included. Stay tuned for a number of posts over the next few weeks, including several on new Windows Storage Server 2012 offerings from our storage OEMs. I’m also thinking of posts on cluster-in-a-box offerings, backup/recovery/dedup solutions for Windows Storage Server, and how RAID vendors can take advantage of SMI-S and SMAPI providers to manage the SAS, iSCSI or Fibre Channel storage. I’ll also post some reviews and lab reports and links to storage benchmarks. Got an idea for a topic? Please let me know!


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