The HP X5520 G2 was reviewed by Windows IT Pro Magazine

Windows IT Pro magazine’s Michael Otey published a review of the X5520 G2, the latest Cluster-in-a-box (CiB) from HP that is running Windows Storage Server 2008 R2. You can learn about CiB system designs and links to presentations on Jose Barreto’s most recent blog about Windows demos at TechEd. These are some fine running machines that sport Xeon quad-core E5620’s, the HP Cascade controller, Large and small form factor hard disk drives, 10GbE NICs and it can be expanded to 192TB. These boxes can serve up files to 10,000+ concurrent users without even breaking a sweat.

Michael put the machine through the wringer and wrote a pretty nice review:
”The HP X5520 G2 is a great storage solution. Because the Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 OS is preinstalled, the HP X5520 G2 can be deployed very rapidly. Built-in clustering provides high availability, and the OS's ability to perform deduplication provides significant storage savings and efficiency. The HP X5520 G2's ability to provide both file and block access enables it to be flexible enough to handle all the storage requirements of medium- and large-sized businesses”

Read the rest of the article here:

Scott Johnson
Program Manager
Windows Storage Server

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  1. Calvin Zito (@HPStorageGuy) says:

    Hey Scott – I had seen this Windows IT Pro review and was going to do a blog post about it too and forgot, but thanks to your blog post "I remembered".   Here's a link to my blog:…/117073.  Thanks for talking about the HP X5000 – good stuff!

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