HP StorageWorks x1500 gets reviewed by PC-Pro

Checkout the PC-Pro review that just came out for the latest StorageWorks X1500, which is a Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 appliance. See the entire review here:   

HP StorageWorks X1500 G2 4TB review

This is another great HP offering bringing unified storage solutions for SMBs. The article highlights some of the capabilities that really make this solution rock. My favorite part is the fact that this can scale up to almost 3/4 of a Petabyte of storage! 


“Designed to provide NAS shares and application hosting over IP SANs, they’re ideal for those with limited expertise with network storage.

Built on top of a standard HP ProLiant ML330 G6 server. It comes with a quartet of 1TB SATA drives, and the hot-swap bays at the front have four empty slots ready for more. They’re managed by a Smart Array P410 PCI Express card that supports all eight bays, so you can add more drives as required.

If a potential 16TB of raw capacity isn’t enough, the server can take up to three Smart Array P812 PCI Express cards. When used to attach external HP storage arrays, these can boost capacity to a breathtaking 664TB”

I think this will be a popular system, reliable storage at great prices is the new trend. 

Scott Johnson
Program Manager
Windows Storage Server

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  1. John Staples says:

    This might be a great device, however since HP does not honor any warrantees of its products I would not recommend buying a product from HP.

  2. ITserversguy says:

    This is a fantastic product working 24/7 server large amounts of data is great.  All HP warranties are thru service contracts; which are legally binding.  Thus The previous poster is Quite a bit misinformed.  HP is the leader in enterprise solutions because of the service level contracts it provides. wouldn't Hesitate to buy another 2 of these servers from HP specifically and only.

  3. WhatHeSaid says:

    Having worked with the proliant range for 15+ years – i can clearly say that HP's support is faultless if the correct support agreement/carepaq(im that old! :P) is bought with the hardware.

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